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Allergology as a science has rapidly developed over the last years, also in Latvia. Consilium Medicum doctor allergologist Dr. Med. Maris Bukovskis always stays ahead of the curve which makes him one of the leading specialists in our country.


What do they treat for at Consilium Medicum?

Our allergologist diagnoses and treats for an allergy that can reveal itself as follows:

  • rhinitis and / or rhinoconjunctivitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);
  • lingering cough;
  • nicotine addiction;
  • shortness of breath;
  • skin redness, skin-rash, nettle-rash;
  • atopic dermatitis.


How do they treat in Consilium Medicum?

The smallest particles (antigenes), capable of provoking an allergic reaction, can be taken into a human organism through the air we breathe, food we eat or be a result of a direct contact with our skin or mucous membrane. Everyone of us comes into contact with plant pollen, pets and dust from time to time, but not all get allergic reactions. In most cases the cause for an allergic reaction is not obvious, so a thorough examination by an experienced specialist is needed.

An allergologist has a detailed conversation with a patient, which helps to reveal what could have been the cause of an allergy and whether there has been any similar allergic display. The doctor then analyses the symptoms of allergy accompanying the illnesses, inherited predisposition, and gets acquainted with the conditions of life and work of the patient.
With the help of modern laboratory diagnostics the allergologist estimates the condition of the patient’s immune system and, if necessary, performs tests on identifying allergens. Having identified that (it can be dust, plant pollen, mould, animal hair, medicine, food, latex, etc.), the allergologist prescribes the treatment, aimed not only at removing the symptoms of the allergy but also at rehabilitation of the immune system.

Consilium Medicum allergologist will exhaustively tell you about prophylactic measures, explain how to escape unpleasant contacts with allergens, and recommend you the most suitable diet and lifestyle. All these will help you prevent or stop further development of your illness.


Treatment of children

The most common children's allergies are food allergies. Consilium Medicum allergologist will help to choose the right food for your child.
Our clinic also offers a bronchial asthma diagnostic method suitable for children, namely, an exhaled nitric oxide test. The method allows selecting the optimal treatment course for your child.


How to make an appointment

  1. By calling at (+371) 67 50 50 47, (+371) 29 804 940;
  2. By making an appointment on the internet (confidentially);
  3. Sending letter by e-mail.

How to get ready for your appointment

A doctor will need information about your previous diseases, treatment courses in hospitals, and examinations. Should you have any medical documents (abstracts of your medical record, etc.), X-ray pictures and analysis results at your disposal, take them with you to present to the doctor.
If you have a cosmetic product allergy or medicament allergy, it is recommended to take them with you as well.



One should never underestimate the danger of an allergy. Often a lingering cold can lead to bronchial asthma. We all have heard stories about people having serious and even mortal allergic reactions to a bee sting, eating eggs, hazelnuts, etc. Allergy treatment is aimed at weakening its symptoms and revealing the reasons of high sensitivity and specific toxins for a certain patient, which cause the immune system’s excessively active reaction.

Stay healthy!