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Dr. Inara Mouravyova will help you to diagnose and solve dermatological and sexually transmitted problems.

When cosmetic skin problems (acne or blackheads) appear, most people do not turn to a specialist and prefer home treatment with improvised means. However, this method rarely helps or leads to short-time improvements only.

Our skin is reflection of the inner condition of the organism. Thus, some infectious diseases, such as Lyme disease, lues, etc., become evident as changes on your skin. Even if you have blackhead rash, purulent disease, etc., it is a signal that you need a specialist’s help. But if you have pyodermitis, eczema, neurodermitis or other dermatoses, constant supervision by a specialist is a must.


What do they treat for in Consilium Medicum

  • Our specialists deal with:
  • fungoid scin and nail deseases;
  • birthmarks, warts;
  • eczema;
  • psoriasis;
  • neurodermitis;
  • excessive sweatiness (hyperhydrosis);
  • mimic wrinkles with the help of injections;
  • sexually transmitted diseases.


How do they treat in Consilium Medicum

The secret of successful treatment at Consilium Medicum is close cooperation between different specialists (gastroenterologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, allergologist, etc.) when choosing treatment methods. Modern equipment makes it possible to perform necessary tests, ultrasound of inner organs right here, at Consilium Medicum.


How to make an appointment

  1. By calling at (+371) 67 50 50 47, (+371) 29 804 940;
  2. By making an appointment on the internet (confidentially);
  3. Sending letter by e-mail.



You should pay particular attention to all neoformations appearing on your skin, especially if they change their size, colour or are getting often traumatized. It is better to timely visit a dermatologist in order to prevent unpleasant consequences.