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Various functions of our body depend on the endocrine system, sometimes even our mood and sleep. Dr Ingvars Rasa, a Consilium Medicum specialist and one of the leading endocrinologist in Latvia, will help you to identify an endocrine disease and cure of it with the appropriate medications.


What do they treat for at Consilium Medicum?

The endocrinologist diagnoses and treats for the following diseases:

  • type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes,
  • diabetes insipidus,
  • disordered thyroid (hypo- or hyperthyroidism),
  • pituitary adenoma and pituitary disorders,
  • gynecomastia,
  • adrenal disorders,
  • osteoporosis,
  • obesity (imbalance of lipid metabolism).


How do they treat for at Consilium Medicum?

Endocrine problems are present in almost all branches of medicine and are especially related to neurology, gastroenterology, gynecology, etc. That is why a patient often visits an endocrinologist when his / her disease is already diagnosed by a family physiсian or specialist and the patient has a scheduled visit in order to control the disease.

However, the symptoms appearing in the result of endocrine disorders are often improperly assessed and not considered. Should you have any of the following symptom blocks, please visit an endocrinologist.


Treatment of children

If your child is behind in growth, sexual development or have diabetes symptoms, he or she needs to visit an endocrinologist.

Uncured hyperthyroidism may lead to mental retardation of your child.


How to make an appointment

  1. By calling at (+371) 67 50 50 47, (+371) 29 804 940;
  2. By making an appointment on the internet (confidentially);
  3. Sending letter by e-mail.


How to get ready for your appointment

A doctor will need information about your previous diseases, treatment courses in hospitals, and examinations. Should you have any medical documents (abstracts of your medical record, etc.), X-ray pictures and analysis results at your disposal, take them with you to present to the doctor.



Nowadays, the numbers associated with diabetes grow from year to year, and not only in Latvia but in the whole world. Especially frequent are patients with type 2 diabetes (9 out of 10 patients with diabetes), which is due due ageing of population, growth of excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle. Diabetes lowers the quality of life and may lead to lethal complications. Therefore, it is vital to have an active lifestyle, regularly do sports and not to overeat.

Stay healthy!