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Proctology is a section of medicine that treats for diseases of the large intestine. If you have difficulties emptying (draining) the intestines, pain while defecating, anal itching, and other various intimate problems, you should turn to our proctologists Igor Troitsky, Sergey Lebedkov or Darya Soldatenkova.


What do they treat for in Consilium Medicum

A doctor-proctologist specializes in diagnostics and treating for:

  • hemorrhoids (ligation, THD vai Longo operation);
  • paraanal fissures (blocades);
  • proctitis and paraproctitis;
  • chronic constipation;
  • neoplasms;
  • incontinency of wind and excrement (flatulentia, encopresis);
  • other diseases of the large intestine.


How do they treat in Consilium Medicum

During the first visit a patient is offered to have a thorough medical checkup. If needed, tests, including rectoscopy, colonoscopy and ultrasound diagnostics and other can be done. Having received all necessary information, the doctor appoints treatment course that can contain both medical and medicinal procedures, and, as a last resort – surgical interference.


How to make an appointment

  1. By calling at (+371) 67 50 50 47, (+371) 29 804 940;
  2. By making an appointment on the internet (confidentially);
  3. Sending letter by e-mail.



The sooner you turn to a doctor, the easier the treatment and the better its result. Don’t be afraid of undergoing a test: it doesn’t require prior preparation (starvation), it is painless and the diagnosis will be precise.