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Urology is a part of clinical medicine that studies diseases of the urinary tract organs and male genital system. This is a fairly delicate issue. Nevertheless, it is not the case when one should suffer out of self-esteem, laziness or fear. Consilium Medicum's urologists, Dr. Arkady Menis, and Dr. Natalya Bozotova will do their best in solving your problem quickly and effectively.


What do Consilium Medicum urologists treat

In men’s treatment Consilium Medicum’s position about andrology is the following – it is a branch of medicine that studies and treats for illnesses of male organism, where genital system comes first.

Our doctors manage:

  • diagnostic and treatment of prostatitis;
  • treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (or so-called adenoma);
  • early diagnosis of prostate cancer (TRUS biopsy);
  • sexual disorders treatment (impotentia);
  • phimosis and paraphimosis surgery;
  • men sterilization (vasectomy).


How do they treat in Consilium Medicum

First-class specisalists-urologists work for Consilium Medicum. They use modern diagnosis methods and medical treatment. As a rule, this is enough for the ailment to recede. If necessary, our urologists give a warrant for surgical treatment in hospital. Surgical interference takes place in the shortest time possible and requires short rehabilitation period.

We apply modern methods in treatment and diagnostics of inflammatory diseases, and treatment for chronic prostatitis and male sterility in particular. In cooperation with SANOS, international scientific research and treatment centre of andrology and non-surgical urology, Consilium Medicum employs latest achievements of medical technologies that let use merciful methods of prostatitis treatment and sharply reduce the number of side-effects.


How to make an appointment

  1. By calling at (+371) 67 50 50 47, (+371) 29 804 940;
  2. By making an appointment on the internet (confidentially);
  3. Sending letter by e-mail.



Every man should visit his andrologist at least once a year just like every woman should see her gynecologist. If you feel pain close to genitals and perineum or have urinating disorder, if there is blood in the urine or lumbago, you should really turn to an urologist.