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Ask a doctor

Ask our doctor a question and a get a medical consultation on the Internet. Your letter will be forwarded to Consilium Medicum specialists, who will provide you consultations free of charge. The reply will be sent to your e-mail address and possibly published in Questions - Answers section of our website.

Is it anonymous?
Yes. We cannot identify a person by their letters. We have only those data which you agreed to submit us yourself.

What should I do in order for you to answer my question?
Ask your question as fully and precisely as possible. A doctor needs to know your age, sex, symptoms of sickness, their duration, your treatment, etc. If you want to receive an answer as soon as possible, leave your e-mail address and we will send our reply.

How far can you believe consultations on the Internet?
Our specialists' replies are for information only. A doctor does not see a patient in person and can only suppose a problem and its complexity. A reply you get is just a recommendation. In case your problem is serious indeed, you must visit a doctor.